Joint Replacement Surgery

Treatment for Worn or Damaged Joints

Are your joints showing the effects of arthritis, an injury or just advancing age? Joint replacement surgery may improve your quality of life by reducing your pain and helping you move more easily.

We perform hundreds of joint replacement surgeries every year. This means you can be confident we have the experience to handle any orthopedic issues you may have. We focus on minimally invasive techniques whenever possible and use the latest evidence-based methods to increase the likelihood of a successful outcome. We are a center of excellence within Lahey’s Department of Orthopaedic Surgery. Our surgeons are recognized nationally for their expertise replacing hips, knees shoulders and ankles.

Our advanced approach results in reduced complications, fewer dislocations and less stress for patients. With the help of our superior rehabilitation therapy services, most of our patients find joint replacement life-changing.

Joint Replacement Services

We perform replacement services on many of the body's major joints including the hip, knee, elbow, shoulder and wrist. We specialize in the anterior approach for hip replacement. This approach allows surgeons to replace your hip joint with less trauma and less pain.

Our joint replacement services include:

  • Evaluation of arthritic joints.
  • Treatment for complex disorders of the hip, knee, shoulder and elbow.
  • Discussion of non-operative and other surgical treatments before joint replacement is recommended.
  • Donated bone tissues that make joint replacement more effective.
  • Custom artificial joint options if a joint replacement is not an appropriate treatment.
  • Joint replacement options that use bone cement to make the affected area stronger.
  • Body exhaust isolation suits, when needed, to reduce the chance of infection.
  • On-site tissue bank to easily and quickly meet your surgery needs during surgery.
  • Physical therapy assessment before surgery to help you prepare for the procedure.
  • In-patient physical therapy services for care after your surgical procedure.
  • Outpatient physical therapy to help maximize recovery after your surgery.

Preparing for Total Joint Replacement

We offer an educational program for patients scheduled for hip, knee and shoulder replacement surgery. This Total Joint Replacement Class covers the joint replacement surgery process, starting with the preoperative phase, surgery, postoperative recovery, discharge planning, and more. Learn more by watching the following videos and accessing the following informational booklets:

Teaching Tomorrow’s Orthopedic Leaders

Our nationally recognized orthopedic surgeons are training the physicians of tomorrow. We help them refine their skills and advance their understanding of joint replacement. We take great pride in being a teaching hospital for Boston University’s Orthopedic Surgery Resident Training Program. We are honored to instruct residents on joint replacement and other orthopedic procedures.

Total Joint Replacement Results

Since 1988, we have gathered data on thousands of patients who have undergone total joint replacement surgery. We do academic reviews of these patients to assess their outcomes and quality of life after treatment. Our orthopedic surgeons are involved in research studies that continue to improve the care we deliver to our patients.