Liver Transplant Evaluation

Initial Consultation

If you are a potential liver transplant patient, you may be referred to Lahey Hospital & Medical Center by your primary care physician, gastroenterologist or hepatologist. During the initial consultation, one of our transplant hepatologists will review your condition and assess the need for liver transplantation.

If we determine you are a candidate for liver transplantation, your insurance company will be contacted for prior authorization. Once this is approved, our pre-transplant nurse coordinators will contact you directly with information about the evaluation process.

Evaluation Process

The transplant evaluation process includes consultations with members of the multidisciplinary transplant team. Our pre-transplant coordinators will provide dedicated care and support during this entire experience.

The process begins with an educational session about the evaluation process, waiting list management, various liver transplant options available, including living donor and deceased donor transplantation. This class gives you an overview of the entire liver transplant experience, including pre-transplant evaluation, waiting on the liver transplant list, the surgery, recovery process and expectations for long-term follow-up.

You may need the following tests during your evaluation:

  • Laboratory tests
  • Cardiopulmonary tests, such as an electrocardiogram (EKG), echocardiography and pulmonary function tests
  • Imaging tests, such as a chest X-ray, liver ultrasound, CT or MRI scan
  • Up to date cancer screenings (mammogram, pap smear, colonoscopy) that may be completed closer to your home
LHMC Liver Transplant Roadmap

How We Support You

We want to maximize your health and the function of your new liver. You will have regular appointments with our transplant team during the pre- and post-transplant periods. We recommend that transplant candidates have a plan in place that includes caregiver(s) who will support them through the transplant process. A licensed transplant social worker conducts a complete review of your support system.

Approval & Listing Process

After your tests and evaluation, our multidisciplinary Liver Transplant Screening Committee reviews and discusses the results.

Our committee may decide to:

  • Add you to the list for liver transplantation
  • Recommend further testing or monitoring of your current health status
  • Determine you are not an appropriate liver transplant candidate

You will receive a letter with the committee’s decision within ten business days of its meeting. It includes any recommendations and required follow-up.

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