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For Kidney or Liver Donors

The donation of a kidney or liver is a gift beyond compare. You may be donating one of your kidneys or part of your liver to someone in need. You may be planning to donate your organs after your death. Or you may be considering donating the liver or kidney of a loved one who is dying.

Whatever your reason, you should know that your gift is lifesaving and life changing.

You should also know that at Lahey, we support you as an organ donor in every way possible. This means educating you about the donation and transplantation procedure, informing you about the risks and benefits of surgery, and guiding you as you make decisions about your organ donation and your care. We pledge to protect your privacy and your rights, and we promise complete confidentiality.

Live Liver Donation

Live donor liver transplantation is possible because the liver, unique among organs in humans, will regenerate. This means that when part of a liver is taken from you, as a live donor, the portion that remains in your body will regenerate to its original size – and the portion transplanted into the recipient will regenerate to a size that fits his or her body type.

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Live Kidney Donation

Live kidney donation is possible because while we have two kidneys, we actually need only one to lead a perfectly healthy life. In many cases, receiving a kidney from a living donor gives people with kidney failure the ability to get a new kidney before they need dialysis. Studies show that this leads to long-lasting transplants, so your gift can truly benefit the recipient for many years.

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BREEZE TRANSPLANT™ is an online program from Lahey to help facilitate organ donations from living donors. This program allows you, as a family member or friend of a person who needs a liver or kidney transplant, to determine if you are a potential candidate for donation. The goal of our program is to make it easier for patients to ask a loved one or friend for an organ donation, and to help eliminate any pressure on you as a potential donor.

Deceased Organ Donation

Deciding to donate your organs after your death – or choosing to donate the organs of a loved one who has died – is an act of true selflessness and caring. The availability of organs from deceased donors is very limited. Many people on the waiting list to receive a donated liver or kidney will die before one becomes available. Your gift can save a life – or maybe even several lives.

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