Financial Process for Solid Organ Transplant

Paying for Care

Our support team includes financial coordinators and social workers who are here to help you navigate the financial process of transplant. During your evaluation, our financial coordinators will meet with you to help you better understand the out-of-pocket costs associated with your liver or kidney transplant and medications needed after.

Do You Have Insurance Coverage?

Organ transplantation is expensive, so understanding your coverage is important. The financial coordinators will meet with each patient to explain their plan specific benefits to them and help guide them through the financial process. If you have an HMO or POS insurance plan, make sure you obtain all the necessary referrals to avoid any billing issues.

It is also important to make sure you have prescription coverage because the cost of transplant medications can be high.

If You Do Not Have Insurance Coverage

Having health insurance prior to being evaluated for organ transplant is required.

If you do not have insurance, see if you are eligible for your local Medicaid plan or a Marketplace plan through your state. Search for your state’s website online to find links to government agencies for insurance or health care.

Make an Appointment

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