Paying for Care

We can help you figure out financing for organ transplantation at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center. Our support team includes social workers and financial coordinators who help you get answers to your questions. Our transplant financial coordination team works with you to develop a plan for paying for your liver or kidney transplant and your medications.

If You Have Insurance Coverage

Organ transplantation is expensive, so you should make sure there are no special riders or limitations on your health insurance policy. Prescription coverage is required because the cost of transplant medicines is high. If you have an HMO or POS insurance plan, make sure you obtain all the necessary referrals to avoid any billing issues.

If your health plan covers only partial costs, your social worker and financial coordinator can help you find ways to finance the out-of-pocket expenses. There are programs designed to assist transplant recipients.

If You Do Not Have Insurance Coverage

Not having health insurance poses a challenge for patients who need organ transplantation. Your financial coordinator can help you investigate other options, such as state or federal funding and assistance through charitable organizations or advocacy groups.

Check your local Medicaid office for eligibility, which is based primarily on income. Search for your state’s website online to find links to government agencies for insurance or health care.
If you are out of work due to disability, you should apply for Social Security Disability Insurance. You are eligible for Medicare coverage after receiving these Social Security benefits for two years.