Sexual Medicine

Expert & Compassionate Care

Sexual dysfunction can occur in men of all ages and can affect quality of life, self-image, confidence and interpersonal relations. The Sexual Medicine Program at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center’s Institute of Urology offers compassionate, state-of-the art diagnostic facilities, consulting and therapeutic services for men with a broad spectrum of problems related to sexuality and desire.

Conditions We Treat

The program specializes in the care of the following disorders:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Peyronie’s disease (penile curvature)
  • Penile fracture
  • Penile deformities and complications of circumcisions
  • Retrograde ejaculation
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Delayed ejaculation
  • Inability to ejaculate (anejaculation)
  • Problems with orgasm (orgasmic dysfunction)
  • Disorders of arousal (excitement)
  • Low sex drive
  • Low testosterone levels
  • Infertility
  • Varicocele (enlarged veins in the scrotum)
  • Klinefelter syndrome
  • Reproductive male adolescent medicine

We also have special expertise in evaluating and treating sexual function disorders after prostatectomy (surgical removal of the prostate).

Clinical Research

The Sexual Medicine Center is actively involved in clinical trials assessing new drugs and devices for the treatment of various sexual dysfunctions. We have extensive experience with various forms of drug and device therapies for sexual dysfunction including:

  • Oral phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitors (Cialis, Viagra, Levitra, Stendra)
  • Penile injection therapy
  • Intra-urethral alprostadil pellets
  • Vacuum erection devices
  • Medications for premature ejaculation
  • Medications for painful orgasm

Treatments We Offer

The Sexual Medicine Center specializes in the following surgical operations:

  • Penile implant surgery
  • Penile curvature correction surgery
  • Peyronie’s plaque incision/excision and grafting surgery
  • Vasectomy reversal
  • Varicocele ligation
  • Spermatic cord denervation
  • Sperm extraction
  • Testicular biopsy/cryopreservation