Administrative Fellowship

Training in Administration

The Administrative Fellowship at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center was established in 2018 to continue its mission to invest in the next generation of healthcare leaders. We provide a unique one year rotational and project-based experience to highly qualified candidates seeking opportunities in hospital administration. The program is designed to further develop the fellow’s leadership and analytical skills through immersion, strategic guidance, and high-level mentorship.


The administrative fellowship curriculum is comprised of several rotations across LHMC. Each rotation begins with meet and greets with key stakeholders followed by opportunities for project-based work, shadowing department leaders, and networking. Rotations include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Inpatient services
  • Ambulatory
  • Hospital based services
  • Human resources
  • Finance
  • Revenue cycle
  • Quality & safety

Additionally, availability of elective rotations is subject to the fellow’s interests and the availability of the division/department desired. During each rotation, the fellow participates in projects that support ongoing department initiatives and aid the fellow in developing core competencies. Projects are multidisciplinary in nature and therefore may span over several rotations.

The administrative fellow is uniquely positioned in the executive suite and therefore, has access and visibility to senior executive leaders. The fellow is exposed to senior leadership team meetings and decision-making processes at the local and system level.

The executive sponsor for the program is Kevin Bennett, interim COO. The fellow will report into Emily Senarian, VP Medical Services & Ambulatory Performance, who serves as the program director and executive preceptor. Brigitte Bowen-Benitich, VP Surgical Services, and Jason Robinson, VP Hosp Based Services & Academic Affairs, serve as co-preceptors. Additionally, the fellow is assigned a lead that will serve as a mentor throughout each rotation. These relationships provide extensive mentoring and learning opportunities for the fellow.

Meet the Preceptors
Emily Senarian

Emily Senarian, VP Medical Services & Ambulatory Performance

As Vice President for Medical Services and Ambulatory Performance, Emily is responsible for the planning, execution, and oversight of Administrative Operations and strategic direction with the Department of Medicine, Cancer Services, and Executive Health. In addition, Emily is responsible for Ambulatory Performance across the outpatient enterprise ensuring strategic alignment and optimization of workflows.

Brigitte Bowen-Benitich

Brigitte Bowen-Benitich, VP Surgical Services

As Vice President of Surgical Services, Brigitte is responsible for operational excellence and financial performance throughout the Surgical and Perioperative Services by providing strategies to drive profitable service line growth and identifying and developing new programs that are strategically aligned across the organization. Additionally, Brigitte is an advocate for and heavily involved in various DEI initiatives.

Jason Robinson Jason Robinson, VP Hosp Based Services & Academic Affairs

As Vice President of Hospital Based Services and Academic Affairs, Jason leads the following services with operational, profit/loss and strategic planning responsibilities: Emergency Department, Pain/Anesthesia, Radiology/Imaging Services, Rehabilitation Services, Laboratory Services, and Pharmacy. Additionally, Jason is responsible for Graduate/Undergraduate Medical Education and Simulation/Professional Development, and heavily involved in various DEI initiatives.

Meet Our Current Fellow & Previous Fellows
Shaila Abbott Shaila Abbott Fellowship Year: 2022-2023

"LHMC’s Administrative Fellowship provides a truly unique experience catered to the fellow’s accelerated growth and development through exposure to the challenges and innovations in healthcare and consistent mentorship. Additionally, the fellowship gave me the opportunity to experience change management, effective communication techniques, and learn the value contributions made by all individuals and disciplines in support of the institution's mission. The highlight for me was the personal investment the senior leaders had in my development as a leader. I can say without hesitation that this program has exceeded my expectations and that I'm grateful for such an opportunity!"

Tazeen Raza

Tazeen Raza Fellowship Year: 2020-2021

"It was a gratifying experience serving as LHMC’s fellow during such unprecedented times. I entered my administrative fellowship anticipating a rotational and project-based experience surrounding hospital administration. Due to the pandemic, leadership mobilized an urgent effort to create a centralized Covid-19 testing center. I was given the unique opportunity to step in and provide managerial oversight to support this initiative. This was a pivotal opportunity in my fellowship and served as an “all-in-one project”. I managed the overall operations including staffing, scheduling, overseeing supply chain and inventory mapping on a daily basis. As volumes fluctuated, our team focused on managing process improvement and quality control in order to simplify daily operations.

Vasiliki Zotou

Vasiliki Zotou Fellowship Year: 2019-2020
Being the inaugural Administrative Fellow put me in a unique position to learn through a rigorous rotation-based structure, while still having the flexibility to explore and hone in on my interests through a variety of elective projects and initiatives. I also appreciated the numerous opportunities for networking and relationship building across many departments and disciplines. I am particularly grateful for the valuable time each of my Fellowship Sponsors and Preceptors spent mentoring me and guiding me through the entire journey. They made me feel like I was a member of the Executive Team and that is something very few Fellows get to experience. I concluded my fellowship having accumulated a wealth of knowledge, and experiences, as well as a stronger professional network.”

Examples of Past Projects
  • Designed, created, and managed the COVID-19 testing center for LHMC
  • Conducted Pre-Op workflow optimization analyses and provided standardization recommendations to senior leadership
  • Project Manager for the Surgical & Procedural Safety Task Force
  • Developed and led the Incident & Command structure in response to COVID-19
  • Generated and presented division performance data reports to senior leadership

Administrative fellows are full-time employees of Lahey Hospital & Medical Center and are provided a competitive annual salary and benefits.

Application Process

The Lahey Hospital & Medical Center fellowship is intended for highly motivated post-graduates (MHA, MBA, MPH, or related master’s degree program) or students that have completed their didactic portion of their graduate studies. Applicants mut also possess a GPA of 3.0 or above and be able to maintain U.S legal residency throughout the fellowship year.

LHMC is a member of the National Council of Administrative Fellowships (NCAF) and has agreed to follow the guidelines outlined in the Code of Good Practice. Please submit the required materials through the NAFCAS online portal.

  • Application Period: June 7, 2024 - September 27, 2024
  • Application Deadline: September 27, 2024
  • Final Offer Date: November 1, 2024

Required Application Materials
  • Resume/CV
  • Cover Letter [500 words or less]
    • Why are you interested in the Lahey Administrative fellowship?
    • Describe your career goals and how this fellowship aligns with those goals.
    • Briefly highlight 1-2 experiences that have prepared you for an administrative fellowship.
  • 3 Letters of Recommendation
  • Personal Statement
  • Undergraduate & Graduate Transcripts
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many fellows do you accept each year?
A: We currently accept one fellow each year

Q: Can the fellowship be used as a residency placement in order to complete my master’s degree?
A: Yes, we allow applicants who have completed their didactic portion of their graduate studies who need a fellowship in order to complete their master’s degree.

Q: Upon completion, will the fellowship lead to a position within LHMC?
A: Although this is the intent of the program, this depends on a myriad of factors such as the positions available and the career interests of the fellow.

Q: Does the Administrative Fellowship sponsor work visas?

A: No, we are unable to sponsor visas at this time.

Q: How can I learn more about LHMC’s Administrative Fellowship program?
A: For questions, please contact our current fellow, Shaila Abbott.

Contact Info

For more information about Lahey Hospital & Medical Center’s Administrative Fellowship program, email Shaila Abbott, MHA.