Interventional Cardiology Fellowship


Lahey Hospital & Medical Center admits three fellows to its interventional cardiology program each year for its one year ACGME accredited program. The program offers training in all aspects of cardiac catheterization and coronary intervention, with select experience in peripheral interventional and structural heart procedures with a commitment to teaching in an environment of professionalism, compassion and excellence.

Strengths of our program include the high volume of procedures we do (including coronary, peripheral, structural) and the variety of conditions to which fellows are exposed (including being members of the PE response team, and ECMO team). By the completion of your training, you will have the medical judgment necessary to integrate medical facts and clinical data and be proficient in your performance of coronary intervention, with significant exposure to a spectrum of other advanced procedures.

Successful applicants will demonstrate an ability to conduct precise, thoughtful patient interviews and expertly focused physical examinations. You must also demonstrate your understanding of the importance of minimizing risks and discomfort to your patient as you perform diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

What You Can Expect

During your fellowship, you can expect to:
  • Attain realistic goals established at the beginning of your year and have your progress monitored by an assigned attending physician on a regular basis.
  • Attend, participate in and assume a leadership role in our dedicated interventional cardiology conferences. These include a weekly core curriculum conference and a weekly clinical conference/case review. Morbidity and Mortality, Research and Journal Club conferences are held monthly.
  • Be actively involved in academic research. You’ll have time to participate in ongoing research protocols or identify a new project with an interventional attending.
  • See patients one half day each week in our outpatient clinic. Your focus will be patients with issues related to interventional therapies
  • Select appropriate treatment for patients after weighing all medical and/or interventional therapies.
  • Spend, on average, 90 percent of your time in the catheterization laboratory performing procedures, pre-procedure assessments and post-procedure follow-up.
  • Take quick action to deal with serious or life-threatening clinical consequences of any interventions performed in the catheterization laboratory.

How To Apply

To apply for our Interventional Cardiology fellowship, please complete an ERAS (Electronic Residency Application Service) application.