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Ariana’s Story: Breast Cancer in Her 30s

For Ariana Scandone Romano, hitting a punching bag while boxing is a way to relieve stress and muscle tension – like a weight is lifted off her shoulders. For a while, that weight was a heavy one. Ariana is 33 and a breast cancer survivor.Stories & Journeys

Frank's Story: Surviving Lung Cancer

Meet Frank Flahive, a longtime smoker. When signing up for golf, he saw a poster for Lahey Health’s lung cancer screening program. He signed up for that too – and it may have saved his life. Early-stage cancer was found and treated, and now Frank is looking forward to a healthy retirement.Stories & Journeys

Betsy's Story: Surviving Thoracic Cancer

Betsy Soule thought she had a case of food poisoning that was causing vomiting and severe stomach pain. “Fast forward two months,” Betsy recounts, “and my primary care provider called me into her office to tell me I had colangiocarcinoma – liver cancer of the bile duct.”Stories & Journeys

Bruce's Story: Liver and Kidney Cancer

Bruce Drewniany’s cancer journey has taken him from the depths of despair to the joy of survival. It started in April 2015 when he passed out cold on the living room floor. At his local hospital, tests were performed to identify the cause.Stories & Journeys
Ariana Rink Portrait
Meet Ariana: mastectomy in her 30s Survivor
Frank Thumbnail Image
Meet Frank: a longtime smoker Survivor
Betsy Thumbnail Image
Meet Betsy: beating cancer twice Survivor
Bruce Thumbnail Image
Meet Bruce: successful robotic surgery Survivor

Patients Are at the Center

At the Lahey Health Cancer Institute, patients are at the center of all we do. Our nationally recognized cancer care specialists and dedicated teams of caregivers work together to develop a treatment plan tailored to the genetic makeup of your specific cancer, and your lifestyle.

Our Cancer Treatment

LHCI’s integrated approach is dedicated to treating the whole patient, understanding and addressing each person’s emotional and physical needs. Each year, LHCI diagnoses and provides personalized cancer care to more than 5,000 new individuals. We are here for you.

Cancer Research at Lahey Health

At Lahey Health, cancer research and cancer clinical trials are an essential part of our services. Our patients have access to the very latest treatments, including cutting-edge investigational therapies before they are generally available.

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The importance of ‘the team’ when it comes to cancer care

At LHCI, our philosophy is that the best health care is achieved in an environment where knowledge is continuously shared and practitioners from different disciplines and specialties are available to share their insights. Our goal is simple: to provide the best possible outcome for each person who comes to us for care. Our specialists readily consult one another, review test results, and collaborate on treatment plans. As a team, Lahey Health cancer doctors manage the most complex as well as the most common diagnoses. That means the highest quality comprehensive care that you expect and deserve.

Learn about our multidisciplinary approach